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Calendar for 2019-2020

Calendar of Events

NOTE: Subject to change this calendar is to give you approximate activities and dates. Any events that are not listed (Pop-up type events) are discussed with Cadets weeks/months in advance. This includes any fees or costs.

SCHEDULE FOR CLUBS - Unless participating in a club students may not loiter in JROTC or use JROTC as an excuse to be in building. When the instructors are gone you are NOT allowed to be here under the JROTC flag. Clubs end at 1500 on the dot! Any exceptions MUST be approved through SASI/ASI.

Every Monday and Wednesday – LEGO LEAGUE

1st and 3rd Tuesday monthly ROCKETS AND RC CLUB

2nd and 4th Tuesday monthly GARDEN CLUB

1st and 3rd Thursday monthly PT CLUB

2nd and 4th Thursday monthly Academics clubs/tutoring

Every Friday – Staff Meeting and Logistics

COLOR GUARD is every Friday IN CLASS

Wednesday UNIFORM DAY – Mandatory uniform wear if not here wear next school day if no ZERO for grade

Thursday PT DAY (Must have issued PT GEAR FOR GRADE, participation is MANDATORY unless you have doctors note, but you ONLY do what you can do! The Cadet must speak up and sit out if something is beyond their capability)


-Air Force Marathon Water Station – 1st Quarter

-JROTC in the park social function – 1st Quarter (Booster Club)

-Field Day - 1st quarter or 2nd quarter

-Dining In/OUT – 2nd quarter

-Hamvention – 4th quarter

First weeks of school – JROTC funds due, Fitness forms due, Cadet Handbook forms due.

First weeks of school – Uniform issue, release of students who do not want to follow requirements.

September - WELCOME picnic at Fairborn park information handed out in class ALL WELCOME!

September – Air Force Marathon Fairborn has a water station ALL CADETS

October – Picture day in uniform. No cost unless purchasing photos

October – Sports day at Fairborn compete with other JROTC’s

November – Veterans Day support usually downtown Fairborn

November - Dining-In formal event usually $10.00 – $20.00

February Military Ball – Usually around $20.00 for cadets interested in going

March – May – Curriculum In Action Trips

--Air Force Museum – $5.00

Military Ball - 20.00 per person in local area

--Long distance trips that require bus, hotel, etc. vary in cost. We try to keep it below $200.00

May – Hamvention public service parking event MANDATORY

July - 4th of July parade color guard and possible block formation if available

-Multiple Various Color Guard opportunities throughout the year

-Drill Meets – If on drill team various events throughout the year

-Orienteering Meets – If in Orienteering Club 3 to 4 per school year $5.00 to $15.00

-Students have briefings and papers that might be due in classes as listed on Google classroom

-Students MUST wear the proper uniform combination on uniform days. No excuses no exceptions. Manage dry cleaning wisely. If a student is absent on uniform day they may wear the proper combo the next day.

STUDENTS are responsible to keep parents/guardians informed. Updates are given daily on the board and in class. Students must inform home about what's going on. Google Classroom is also used along with remind. Students have all the information they need and MUST get it to home!!!

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